DoubleMag Kit $19.99 FREE SHIPPING!!
Buyer receives 1 Each Clear Double Mag Kit which includes Double Mag Body and Tuner Kit for Ruger
BX1 Classic Rotary Magazines.
  • You will need to disassemble TWO of YOUR magazines to create the MOST COMPACT storage of ammo for the Ruger
  • Easy to assemble using the included Tune Up and Assembly Kit.  Watch the Videos Below, IT'S EASY.
  • Using the original factory Ruger parts you create an ultra compact double mag with the legendary reliability of the Ruger
    Rotary BX-1.
  • You have a bunch of old mags laying around, put them back to new use with this kit!
  • Check the images, you can't carry this much ammo any other way!
  • 40 Rounds in the space of 15!
  • 60 Rounds in the space of 25!
  • 30% smaller than two individual mags!
  • Depend on the reliability of Ruger
    Factory Mags, don't rely on aftermarket crap! Stick with the factory original 10/22®
    magazines and keep em running Top Notch!!!
  • Can use parts from any Ruger BX-1, Black or Clear 
  • Made In USA Free Shipping to 48 States 
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